The Importance And The Opportunity :: Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., (NYSE: ICE)

Press Release

Snapshot: On Thursday, January 23, 2020, Shares of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., (NYSE: ICE), performed 0.9 percent Gain and closed at $97.3 in the last trading session.

Currently it has a market worth of $53.90B. Using market capitalization to show the size of a company is important because company size is a basic determinant of various characteristics in which shareholders are interested, counting risk.

What Productivity Proportions Stands for?

Investigating the productivity proportions of business stock, the speculator will discover its ROE, ROA, ROI remaining at 12.2 percent, 2.2 percent and 8.4 percent, individually. ROI is expressed as a percentage and is typically used for personal financial commitment, to compare a company’s profitability or to compare the efficiency of different investments.

The company’s net profit margin is 40.2 percent. It measures how much out of every dollar of sales a company actually keeps in earnings. Operating Margin is seen at 52.3 percent. Forward P/E of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. is standing at 23.24.

Forward P/E is a measure of the price-to-earnings ratio using forecasted earnings for the P/E calculation for the next fiscal year.

Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/YTD/Yearly Performance:

The stocks has year to date performance of 5.13 percent and weekly performance of 1.6 percent.

The stock has been moved at 9.02 percent over the last six months and 27.93 percent during last year. The stock has performed 4.59 percent around most recent 30 days, and changed 5.91 percent over the most recent 3-months.

Technical Analysis in the Limelight:

Technical indicators do not lead us to assume the stock will see more gains anytime soon. Its distance from 20-days simple moving average is 3.24 percent, and its distance from 50 days simple moving average is 4.11 percent while it has a distance of 8.9 percent from the 200 days simple moving average. The company’s distance from 52-week high price is -0.15 percent and while the current price is 35.33 percent from 52-week low price.

Role of Average True Range (ATR) & Beta Indicators:

Average True Range (ATR) is a technical analysis indicator that measures market volatility by de-composing the entire range of an asset price for that period. ATR of the company stands at 1.31 while a Beta factor of the stock stands at 0.42 of the ICE. Beta is a measure of a stock’s volatility in relation to the market. The market has a beta of 1.0 and individual stocks are ranked according to how much they deviate from the market. A stock that swings more than the market over time has a beta above 1.0.

EPS Subtleties In Core interest:

Estimating its EPS development this year at 15.1%. As a result, the company has an EPS development of 7.75% for the moving toward year.

Company’s EPS for the past five years is valued at 34.7%, leading it to an EPS value of 9.39% for the next five years.


Specialists experienced mean rating at 1.9 following agreement investigation. (Rating Scale: 1.00 Strong Buy, 2.00 Buy, 3.00 Hold, 4.00 Sell, 5.00 Strong Sell).