David Rojas

Address: 4303 Marshall Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone Number: +1 410-685-8066

Email: [email protected]

David Rojas is passionate about business and finance news with over 13.00 years in the industry starting as a writer working his way up into senior positions. He is the driving force behind Nyse News Times with a vision to broaden the company’s readership throughout 2018. David Rojas is an editor and reporter of news about Technology Sector Companies.


Louis McClung

Address: 2462 Granville Lane
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Phone Number: +1 973-498-5237

Email: [email protected]

Louis McClung focuses on breaking news stories and ensuring we offer timely reporting on some of the most recent stories released through market wires about Business News Sector companies. He has formerly spent over 4.5 years as a trader in US stock market and is now semi-stepped down. He works on a full time basis for Nyse News Times specializing in quicker moving active shares with a short term view on investment opportunities and trends.


Sean Skow

Address: 3411 Dogwood Road
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Phone Number: +1 602-647-3929

Email: [email protected]

Sean Skow gives us an insight into the most recent news hitting the Investing Sector in Wall Street. He has been an independent financial adviser for over 9.00 years in the city and in recent years turned her experience in finance and passion for journalism into a full time role. He performs analysis of Companies and publicizes valuable information for shareholder community.


Sean Skow is an accomplished journalist who has a passion for travel. His desire to see the world has taken him to countries around the world and given him the opportunity to report for some of the top news organizations.


Ignacio Johnson

Address: 2827 Elm Drive
West Nyack, NY 10994

Phone Number: +1 646-457-0649

Email: [email protected]

Ignacio Johnson has a wide look on current monetary and financial events. He is an entrepreneur and a writer. Ignacio Johnson has done its MBA in 1985 form U.S. National University. At Nyse NewsTimes, we think the best opportunities arise from a complete understanding of all investing disciplines in order to identify the most attractive stocks at any given time. Jessie therefore analyzes each stock across a broad philosophies’ spectrum, from profound value through momentum investing. The more shareholders that are interested in the stock for reasons based on their respective investment mandates and the more likely it will move higher.