Traders Performance Review::Vilacto Bio Inc, (OTC US:VIBI)

The Trading trend “Remain Flat” on Thursday, May, 16, 2019, of the Vilacto Bio Inc, VIBI of exchange OTC US.

Market Analyst:

The trading session of the company Vilacto Bio Inc (OTC US : VIBI) started the business at $0.0006 and ended at $0.0006 with the difference of 0% (Remain Flat).

Current & Previous Volume:

It is a very important aspect of the Company which may help for an investor to identify the momentum in a stock and confirm a trend. If security is continuing higher in an uptrend, the volume of the security should also increase and vice versa. The Company’s current volume recorded on 103370406 with the percent of 11.32%. Previous day’s volume of the company recorded as 185601594.

One Year Return & Five Years Revenue:

The percentage of 01-Year Return of OTC US, VIBI remained at -99.79%, while the revenue growth percentage over 05-years is 0%.

Moving Average (5Days / 20 Days / 50 Days):

A Moving Average (MA) indicator based on the average of past periods prices. Moving Average (MA) is a technical indicator for investors:

        • 05-Days Moving Average (MA): 0.0006%
        • 20-Days Moving Average (MA):  0.0011%
        • 50-Days Moving Average (MA): 0.002%


Current & Last Prices (Buy / Sell / Hold):

The Current Price Signals & Last Month Prices Signals:

  • Current Price Signals “Sell”
  • Last Month Price Signals “Sell”


Return on Equity (ROE)%:

ROE is considered a measure of how effectively management is using a company’s assets to create profits. ROE is expressed as a percentage and can be calculated for any company if net income and equity are both positive numbers. The company Vilacto Bio Inc having 0%.

EPS Indicators Of The Company VIBI:

  • PE (TTM):

TTM stands for Trailing Twelve Months. It is being used to represent the performance of Vilacto Bio Inc.  The Price/Earnings Ratio is often referred to as P/E (ttm), which is calculated as the stock’s current price divided by a company’s trailing 12-month Earnings per Share (EPS). The PE(ttm) of the Company recorded at 0%.

  • Forward PE Ratio

A company with a higher forward P/E ratio than the industry or market average indicates an expectation the company is likely to experience a significant amount of growth. If a company’s stock fails to meet the high ratio value with increased per share earnings, the price of the stock will fall. The forward P/E ratio of VIBI, OTC US recorded as 0%.

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